Sunday, January 21, 2018

Best Teams that Never Won FIFA World Cup

Best Teams that Never Won FIFA World Cup: The FIFA World Cup 2018 is around the corner and it's about time we should know everything about the history of the FIFA World Cup. Discussing the history of FIFA World Cup, the first thing which comes to our mind are the winners of the FIFA World Cup at least once. But did you know there are many great performers who have given brilliant matches and made the FIFA World Cup tournament memorable but did not manage to win the FIFA World Cup, even once? Search teams also exist and they are the ones who are going to be on this list of best are going to be on this list of best teams that never won the FIFA World Cup.

6 of the best teams that never won the FIFA World Cup

Portugal Team

We all know how great a performer Portugal have always been. After the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo to the team years ago, the team became even stronger and give us some real classy matches which we enjoyed a lot. It seems a little bit ironic that Portugal team has never won a FIFA World Cup, though being in the finals on six different occasions. The first time they got to the finals was back in 1966 where their run was not basically about a good team but basically about a good player: Eusebio. Eusebio carried the whole team single-handedly to the finals but unfortunately lost their first appearance in finals. Well, FIFA World Cup gives you many chances and the chance in 2018 might just be the one for Portugal to get out of the “team that never won the FIFA World Cup” list.

Holland Team

Holland made their first appearance in the FIFA World Cup back in 1974. That was the year of the Germans and “never underestimate the german” slogans were finally gathering pace. It is no doubt that West Germany performed excellently that year but the fact that Holland deserved it more still clicks many of old FIFA fans. Anyways, there's always another chance to prove yourself.

Hungary Team

It is one of the most loved teams of all time all around the world in FIFA World Cup. They never fail to entertain us and that's the best part about this team. The worst part however is the fact that they never won a FIFA World Cup. They were the finalists in 1938 and 1954 but they failed to cash in on those opportunities.

Netherlands Team

You won't believe that this team has been in the finals for three times and all of those matches were lost neck to neck. We all remember the Classic encounter they had with Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2010 finals. They were so close to the win every single time that they could have easily been 3 times world champion but unfortunately, they won none of them. The way the team is performing lately might just bring good times real soon, now that the FIFA World Cup 2018 is knocking at the door.

Mexico Team

Underrated is the word I would probably use for this team. Many believe that they were, are and forever will be better than the United States and also many believe that they deserve to be in the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2018. This is yet another chance for Mexico to get dropped from the “teams that never won the FIFA World Cup” list.

Do you think any of these teams can make history in the 2018 FIFA World Cup? If yes, let us know who has the most chances of it


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